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Running Time: Intermittent Mode 5-7 hrs  Continuous Mode 3.5-5 hrs

Auto Cut Off Feature: Stops automatically when water runs low

Light: LED light, 7 Colour settings. Light can be set to automatically colour change, set to any 1 of the 7 colours or turned off.

Size: Height 15cm x Diameter 9cm  Tank: 100ml   Power Consumption: Low

Delivery: Dispatched within 24 hours

A stunning LED Metal Detail Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser with a Soft, Subtle and Calming Mist. Functions as an Air Purifier, Ioniser, Humidifier & Essential Oil Diffuser. Efficient, Quiet and Safe for the Home, Patio Area, Office or Shop.

This Diffuser produces a fine mist with a long diffusing time and a gentle, subtle aroma ensuring economical use of your favourite essential oils, perfectly suited for smaller areas, such as an outdoor patio area.

“Full 12 Month Warranty – On Time Delivery – Best Customer Service”

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