The Cold Room & Echo Walls

It’s hard to think about but it’s my story..

The third day of stent pain and the day of its removal.

After trying to send me home for the past 2 days

The migraine had crippled me, and the pain roared.

They wheeled me into this cold room.

Drs, nurses, and others around you.

My eyes start scanning the room looking at who is present, what they are doing, whilst trying to stay calm.

I remember telling my Dr that I’m anxious, I’m scared,  and I would really prefer to be asleep.

With a caring voice in one ear saying, “it’ll all be OK, you’ll just feel some movement as the Dr will put local anesthetic in you, it may feel cold.”

I remember them starting, a shot of liquid straight up in my lady parts..

The tears fell from my eyes, one ear the nurse tells them my canula is blocked, whilst the other is telling me to spread my legs.

My brain feels absent as I am struggling to comprehend what the nurse is telling me.

I’m disoriented and had to ask her to repeat herself because I wasn’t understanding…

Me, “Sorry what did you say?!”
As I scream from the pain. To what feels like eternity, and the walls echo my voice.

“Darling, you’re doing well, just breathe, he is done!”

To my dispair, “No I’m not, I’ve only just got the camera in.”

My head gets dizzy, everything becomes a blur.

The white walls feel closer and the nurses voices become distant and my soul feels like it’s been resurrected out my beaten flower pouch… FFS..

The out of the body euphoria feels like you’re untouchable, as you feel so out of it from pain.

Yet within moments, your soul comes tearing through your body like your falling from the 84th story to the ground, to which your lungs explode from the impact.

All you feel is the echoes rebounding the walls and your body lifts off the bed..

All I wanted to do was kick him in the head.

The traumatic removal of my stent, was one that I’ll never forget.

I sign off with a battered soul, by cold rooms and echo walls.

It’s hard to think about,
I’m Barely Jade

Voted a Queen

What a crazy 6 months it has been!! 
There is so much to update you all on, but I just haven’t kept up with it all running my shop, looking after four children and being a mumma.

The past month I decided to take a break from social media, which was amazing. I felt like I could ground myself, reconnect with myself and grow as a person without having to worry about the world around me. I got right into my business and the best thing was, I felt like I had a breakthrough. Things started happening. The word got out, the recommendations were spreading, and so was word of mouth. 

This just meant that it was working. That putting time and effort into the things you love do eventually pay off! I would love to share with you a little win I had just lately! 
Take a look at this new Issue of Country Scene by Stephanie. 
ISSUE 4 – Meet the 6 Queens that were voted by the public and read all about us.

I was honoured to be asked to help out Stephanie with her magazine, putting my makeup services to work! These beautiful women were such a pleasure to work with! To my delight, I found out the next morning a day or so after being asked for makeup, that I was also voted as a QUEEN which was so so incredible and unbelievable! 

Stephanie has created such a beautiful magazine and each one of these women deserve all the happiness and successes in the world. 

Go have a read!! Learn about us ladies of the Scenic Rim. 


OMG…. We did it!!

I would love to take a moment to just thank everyone who has been a huge support over the time that I have had my website closed whilst we open our SHOP FRONT! 

Eeeeek, what a mammoth 4 weeks it has been but we are finally open!! 
We are still stocking all of our doTERRA essential oils & diffusers, and we have expanded our range, beauty products and some giftware products.

INSTORE – we offer spray tanning, nail enhancements and aromatherapy massage! We offer afterpay still YES, plus we have been now approved for AFTERPAY & SALONPAY INSTORE!!! 

I look forward to serving you all again! 

Love Jade
Empowered Soul & Limitless Beauty

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Let me know below what your most favourite oil is today! 
Comment Below! <3

The Support is overwhelming….

Thank you so much for visiting my website! I truly appreciate your time and support. 



I just wanted to take the time to share with you my growth within my doTERRA business. I am so overwhelmed and fulfilled with joy from my team that has grown rapidly in the past month.  I truly am so grateful for the recommendations and the belief system that has been put in place amongst my followers and supporters. 

I am working hard at my goals, to provide effective training and a solid support network for everyone, which gives me so much pleasure. I love spending time learning about each and every one of my team members & helping them personally grow and flourish within their goals, whether it be as a wholesale customer or simply one who wants to do it all and build a life of abundance with these amazing oils. 

I have currently 22 people within my team and 7 currently awaiting to take the leap.  If you are wanting to take this opportunity than the time is now! 

I am very busy this week, with flying to Sydney with my business and going to our massive convention and gala, however, I am looking forward to helping many on my return! 

If you are wanting to take the leap asap, without chatting to me and wanting to get in quickly to secure a position than I have links on my website here which are really easy to access and complete! 
Just remember, if you want to just be a wholesale customer you can be! There is no obligations to run a business. For just $35 plus shipping you can start today and gain access to cheap oils and start your journey with me! 

I am looking forward to hearing from you guys soon! Keep posted for my Sydney adventure! 

Lots of Love Jade xx 

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Life, its easy! No, no it’s not.

Life, yeah, life can really stuff you up. I am not a sugar coater, I am a realist. I have learned that life can be such a bastard that we sometimes feel like we are so over everything we just don’t want to go on anymore.

Am I right?! Yes I am, and if you say no, you’re lying! No ones life is perfect, we all have our own issues and hard times and shit we just can’t handle. The thing is, many of you, compare your problems to someone else, or cry poor me for too long.

Thing is, there is a secret. Do you know much about this secret? It is all about your mind set. Did you know you can train your thoughts, hey, even change the course of our emotions. Some people know this, some people don’t. 

I just want to write today to let some of you know that, we all suffer from our OWN issues. Don’t ever compare yourself with others, you are all allowed to feel how you feel, but you also need to remember that you have 5 seconds to change negative thoughts into positives, and then you can move forward, or you will let these thoughts manifest into emotions. And who really wants to feel like a miserable soul?? I don’t.

So when I feel like I’m stressed, in a mood, or heading to the moodyville then I subconsciously flick my f@&k off radar to, I am blessed radar. I have learned to feel, and then change my thoughts and reactions from negatives to positives.

Moral of my nonsense is, feel what you must, cry when you need too, don’t compare yourself to others, because you can and have every right to go through your own feelings in different situations. I am just saying, once you have let it all out, switch your mind set. Tell yourself how strong you are, how beautiful you are, how gorgeous your life is and your children are. Tell yourself how blessed you are and how grateful you are to wake up and live today like it was your last.

Life isn’t easy, but we weren’t put here to live a pain free life, we were put here to feel, learn, grow as beings, so we can develop our love, wisdom and knowledge of what we should really cherish in our lives, not what shit went wrong and I’m  going to hold a 57 year grudge about it. No! You cry and feel what you need to then you move on! 

Don’t let life beat you down. 

Take a stand, and show life, that you know you have challenges ahead but you’re going to be the best version of yourself and grateful for your life from here on out. 

I know I am doing a great job, and my kids will grow up learning the same values. 

Life, you are mine. ❤️