Visionaries Unite

Welcome, welcome to our story!

Sarah is the most beautiful being featured on the far left & I am Jade, featured on the far right! 

Together we are just two mums, creating visions, nailing our successes and overcoming our defeats together one by one, side by side. 
I, Jade, grew up in my local area of Harrisville & Kalbar.  I grew up riding horses and was very heavily in the Equestrian world. As I matured, I decided I wanted children and from that I had 4. They have always been my fight for success. I have always wanted to show them that you can create anything you desire. Have courage, have faith and work bloody hard, never giving up! 

I didn’t know Sarah. We didn’t know one another from a bar of soap. We met purely by chance through the landlord, who we both inquired through a bout the same shop. He basically suggested that we open together. 

We stalked each other, as you do on Facebook. Figured each one look rather decent of a human being and we decided to meet in person. 

Our first meeting was one to remember. We hit it off, our personalities clicked and we were then and there forever, friends, and business partners. We aren’t technically business partners as we both have our individual businesses, but, we have gone into this one store front with two businesses together, so we have just decided that we will always look out for each other, and as best of friends now, we have given ourselves the banner of business partners. 

Our journey together began!! 

We have created a beautiful elegant country store that offers incredible homewares, giftwares to skincare, facials, beauty and more. 

Sarah owns, Elegance & Grace, which is homewares, and giftware. Sarah also has made a HUGE impact in our community by showcasing so many taletnted locals, and showcasing their products within the shop. By helping them sell their products she is also helping the community as well. She is undoubtedly the most selfless, caring human on this planet, and is raising her hand high every moment she gets to help our community when needed. 
Sarah had a vision of bringing amazing lines to our small community, making sure she had a point of difference and that her products were affordable for our community. She has done this successfully and without a doubt the town has embraced Sarah wholeheartedly. 
I own, JADE Beauty Skinstitute, where we offer amazing facials and skin treatments through to other specialized beauty treatments. We use Dermalogica on our clients and we also have our very own in house EXPERT, Lisa Piper. 
We pride ourselves on the training, education and knowledge that we provide our clients, and our business is growing strength by strength. We also showcase, essential oils, makeup, beautiful handmade soaps and resin boards.
Both of these businesses have been combined within one store, blending them effortlessly and creating something UNIQUE and NEW to our stunning town.
We can’t wait for you to come have a look for yourself if you haven’t yet!! 
The SCENIC RIM isn’t that far from Ipswich or Brisbane, and we would truly love to see you for a visit! 
73 Edward Street Kalbar, Qld, 4309. 
Open Wednesday to Friday – 9am to 5pm
Open Saturday and Sunday – 9am to 2.30pm 

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